Class Curriculums

Below you'll find details about all of our class curriculums.

At Derry Preschool, we are focused on the development of your whole child. Each classroom is taught by a certified educator! If you have any questions, please contact us. We’d love to connect and clarify how we can help your child thrive!

At Derry Preschool our goal is to offer curriculum activities that will promote a love of learning and encourage curiosity while boosting problem solving and scientific thinking skills. Here are the following ways that we foster learning for each child.


Letter of the Week Curriculum

All our classes participate in our school-wide letter of the week curriculum. This is a full 26 weeks that is designed to expose our 3’s, 4’s and 5’s to the alphabet through hands on activities. Each age group explores each letter of the alphabet in different ways. As your child progresses through each class, we incorporate different learning styles that are appropriate for their age.

Social & Emotional Growth

We believe that social and emotional growth are crucial aspects of a young learner. Our curriculum includes programs that are designed to foster self-esteem and encourage confidence in the classroom!

  • 3-year olds participate in our Speak and Share program.
  • 4-year olds participate in our Star of the Week program.
  • 5-year olds participate in our Very Important Person (VIP) program.

Classroom Specials

Each of our classes are offered a variety of specials based on the age group. We believe specials are an important part of a child’s development and they make our school day fun! Our specials provide each child an opportunity to be exposed to different activities so they can explore and discover what they enjoy! The specials we offer are Music, Art, Library Time (interactive stories) and Creative Movement.

Thematic Learning

Along with the Letter of the Week program, we also incorporate themes that include holidays and seasons to round out our curriculum. The following are example themes that our classes enjoy participating in:

  • Getting to Know our Friends & Learning about our Families (September)
  • Fall and Leaves, Fire Safety, along with Halloween fun (October)
  • Thanksgiving and turkeys, each classroom participates in a Friendship Feast or Thanksgiving program this month (November)
  • Exploring Holidays around the World (December)
  • Winter and Hibernation (January)
  • Valentines, Presidents and Dental Health (February)
  • Spring time, weather and plants (March)
  • Bugs and Butterfly Life Cycle (April)
  • Mother’s Day and End of School Activities (May)

Family-Teacher Communication

Each class provides regular teacher-family communication through the Bloomz app. Teachers send out weekly updates and pictures to keep families connected to the classroom and to help provide communication topics with your child about their school day.  Bloomz is a communications tool that allows us to have a better means of connecting families to the classroom. We whole-heartedly agree that teacher-family communication is key and want to work to provide the best learning environment for your child!

Derry Preschool holds two conference days for our 3, 4 and 5 year old classrooms. These conference days allow for the parents to meet one on one with the teacher to discuss the great things each child is doing in the classroom. One conference is held in the fall to discuss how each child is adjusting to the classroom with a focus on social and emotional progress.  The second conference is held in the spring. Each child completes a preschool portfolio. During the conference, the teacher will explain the portfolio as well as review the progress that each child has made throughout the school year academically, socially and emotionally.

Parent Involvement in the classroom

Each of our classes incorporates ways in which parents can have a chance to be involved in some of our daily class activities. Some of these possibilities for parents are participating in parent reader program, joining with their child in class field trips, helping with classroom parties and volunteering to be the class room parent.

Derry Preschool, Hill Church Road, Hummelstown, PA
Derry Preschool, Hill Church Road, Hummelstown, PA
Derry Preschool, Hill Church Road, Hummelstown, PA
Derry Preschool, Hill Church Road, Hummelstown, PA

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