Welcome to the 2022 Online Fundraiser

The "HEART" of Derry Preschool

The “HEART” of Derry Preschool is the children!

Every decision made, plan worked on, safety measure created and staff member hired has the “HEART” of this school as the priority. Your children mean the world to us and we all love working with them, and with all of their families. This year’s online fundraiser is all about the “HEART” of our awesome school.


We hope you will support this fundraiser and help ensure that we can continue to offer a high-quality preschool education, in a loving, caring, and safe environment!
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We thank you for supporting our online fundraiser and
“Sharing Your Love with Derry Preschool”!

Derry Preschool works hard to minimize the number of fundraisers we hold each year despite fundraising being very important in keeping our school thriving and providing top notch education for the children in our community.  Derry Preschool is a private and non-profit (501.c.3) school.  Part of our operating budget includes building rent, utility costs and a variety of insurances that set us apart from preschools connected to a church.  

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How Close are we to Meeting our Fundraising Goal?

Support Derry Preschool! Derry Preschool in Derry Township Licensed, nonsectarian, Private, nonprofit Preschool with all certified teachers! Serving families in Hummelstown, Palmyria, Middletown, Elizabethtown, Hershey with fantastic education. Holding all certifications & up to date clearances!

The “LOVE” you share will make a HUGE difference!!

Every single donation goes directly to Derry Preschool and allows us to provide a life-changing educational experience for every child at Derry Preschool!

Donate What You’d Like to help Derry Preschool make a HUGE impact!

Thank you to all the families & friends who have generously supported Derry Preschool with our 2022 Online Fundraiser!

The “LOVE” you have shared with us with make an enormous impact of the high quality of education and “Love of Learning” we are able to offer this community.

Mrs. & Mr. Achor

Adams family

Beth Ail

Suzanne Ail

Allison family

Anderson family

Argento family

Arndt family

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Aynardi family

Bailey family

Baiocchi family

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Steve & Margaret Cyran

Nancy Deliberty

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Carol Mitchell

Nawaz family

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Mr. & Mrs. O’Keefe

Pantanelli family

Lindsay Papachristou & family

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Dave & Betsy Quillen

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